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Berkshire Bass

Rules and Regulations

5 Fish Limit 

12 inch Minimum (no courtesy bass)

Weight is accumulative over both days

No Live Bait or Live Worms 

Can Not Cull a Dead Fish

1/2 pound Penalty for a Dead Fish 

Fishing License Required

Life Jackets Required While Big Motor is in use 

Call, Text, Email with any questions 

  • All Open Tournaments have competitor limits, depending on the event.

  • All participants must sign the “Release of Liability/Agreement” form at the time of registration to become eligible to compete in any Berkshire Bass tournament series. This document will be available the day of the event.

  • All boating laws and safety procedures apply during Berkshire Bass tournaments, and violation of these laws and procedures will result in a penalty of ejection from the tournament.

  • Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device, securely fastened, at all times while the boat is being propelled by the combustion engine. Running lights must be operational and turned on when in accordance with the law. Each competitor’s boat must be equipped with a live well system capable of keeping a tournament limit of bass alive. Any boat equipped with a motor that exceeds the horsepower rating of the boat according to the manufacturer is prohibited from being used. All auxiliary gas tanks and bladder tanks that are not installed by the boat manufacturer are prohibited. Additional gas tanks that are factory options and installed by a manufacturer’s authorized dealer are legal. Boats that do not have factory installed gas tanks are restricted to a maximum of 18 gallons of gasoline in tanks that meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Gas tanks must be properly secured or strapped in the boat. During the tournament, no portable gas tanks or containers capable of holding gasoline can be placed anywhere on the tournament waters or shoreline for use by any tournament competitor.

  • All participants are expected to abide by all state and federal laws and game regulations. Any team who intentionally violates a law or regulation in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage will have their catch disqualified. In the case of multiple governing authorities, the strictest law is applicable.  Any participant who consumes, or is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants during any tournament function will have their catch disqualified. (Prescribed medications taken per doctor’s instructions are excluded).

  • The violation of a tournament rule by either team member may result in weight loss, the loss of weight up to a particular time in the tournament day (eligible for a restart), loss of weight for the entire day, disqualification for the entire tournament or, in an extreme circumstance, ineligibility to participate in future Berkshire Bass events. If the director feels that their violation was a willful attempt to gain an unfair advantage or to intentionally cheat, then the director has the right to refuse entry from that team or team members in the future.

  • Interpretation of these rules will be left to the tournament directors. Infractions of any rule may result in disqualification of catch.

Imagery & Videography
  • All images and video we capture during tournament hours are subject to usage on our website, social media pages and any other platform Berkshire Bass utilizes.

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