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Strike King Tour Grade Spin Head (3/8 oz.)

Strike King Tour Grade Spin Head (3/8 oz.)

SKU: 051034236422

Give bass a totally different look, without compromising on Tour Grade quality. The Strike King® Spin Head's unique fish shaped head adds urgency to the attraction of the free-turning blade. The combination of a swivel drop and ball bearing swivel, plus Strike King's unique thin-cut Raz-r-Blade blade, puts out maximum flash and thump even at the slowest of speeds. A 4/0 Needlepoint Hook means solid hookups are a given. Tour Grade lures feature 3D eyes and durable, chip-resistant paint.

  • Unique fish-shaped head
  • Free-turning willowleaf Raz-r-Blade
  • Maximum flash even at slow speeds
  • 4/0 Needle Point hook
  • 3D eyes
  • Chip-resistant paint for durability
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