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Strike King Rage Magnum Menace

Strike King Rage Magnum Menace

$6.99 Regular Price
$6.64Sale Price

Another great addition to the Rage Tail line of baits, the Strike King Rage Magnum Menace Grub is an upsized presentation of the popular Strike King Menace Grub. Designed with the same great shape and plastic as the original, the Magnum Menace Grub has an incredible action with the larger sized body and appendages.  This pro-requested size is sure to put more fish in the boat for you.

The Strike King Magnum Menace Grub is an extremely versatile soft plastic, great when used for flipping, any type of jig trailer, or even spinnerbait trailer.  If you are looking for a kicking action like-no-other, rig up a Strike King Rage Magnum Menace Grub and let those tails go to work!

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