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Strike King Ned Ocho 2 1/2 inch Ned Rig

Strike King Ned Ocho 2 1/2 inch Ned Rig

$6.99 Regular Price
$6.64Sale Price

The Strike King Ned Ocho is one of Strike King's newest offerings in the ever-growing category of Ned rig baits and terminal tackle. The Ned Ocho is a downsized version of Strike King's Ocho soft plastic stickbait, measuring only 2 1/2 inches. As it's name implies, the Ned Ocho retains the standard Ocho's 8-sided design, but also expands upon it with added notched channels on the bait's sides, which are designed to give it a lifelike, quivering action that releases bubbles as the bait is retrieved. The plastic is also slightly buoyant, causing it to lift off the bottom and stand-up - essential to a proper Ned rig presentation.

Additionally, like all baits in Strike King's KVD Perfect Plastics series, the Ned Ocho is super soft and super salty - which leads to better hook penetration and bite retention. They also feature Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent technology, which helps cover-up scents and oils from humans and attracts fish to bite. The Strike King Ned Ocho is available in 12 bass catchin' colors, 9 baits per pack.

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