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River 2 Sea Pro Tuned Rover 98

River 2 Sea Pro Tuned Rover 98

$11.99 Regular Price
$11.39Sale Price

Delivering elite-level attraction, the River2Sea Pro-Tuned Rover offers dynamic performance and a unique acoustic attraction that calls to big bass. Internally, the River2Sea Pro-Tuned Rover features a tungsten ball bearing rattle that produces a one-of-a-kind tonal footprint. The added weight in the rear also increases casting distance and accentuates the Rover's side-to-side action. Complete with matching, dressed Daiichi treble hooks, the River2Sea Pro Tuned Rover delivers a finely-tuned, tournament-caliber action that big fish won't be able to resist. 


-Super Sharp Daiichi Treble Hooks (Three hooks on 128/Two hooks on 98)
-Custom colors matched with dressed trailer hook
-Tungsten Ball Bearings and Rattles

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