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Megabass V9 (1/2oz)

Megabass V9 (1/2oz)


Created by Japan’s first spinnerbait maker Yuki Ito, the Megabass V9 Double Willow Spinnerbait delivers an innovative design and performance that will outfish all of your other spinnerbaits. Finely tuned through years of testing, the Megabass V9 Double Willow Spinnerbait features a totally original head design that is molded with a keeled bottom and a water through slit, which keeps it perfectly balanced at any speed and helps it quickly recover after deflecting off cover. It is also built around a uniquely shaped wire frame that is precisely bent to enhance vibration and allow the front running blade to make slight contact during every rotation to create a subtle clicking noise.

Offering the perfect balance between flash and vibration as well, the Megabass V9 Double Willow Spinnerbait is fitted with Yuki Ito’s custom shaped blades, which provide the benefits of multiple blade styles all in one. Its hand tied skirt sits on top of an ultra wide skirt keeper to ensure maximum flaring, while the large 3D eyes and molded gill plates provide an additional level of attraction. Complete with a long shank hook that provides optimal hook setting performance without the use of a trailer hook, the Megabass V9 Double Willow Spinnerbait delivers next-level performance that will become a staple in your tackle box. 

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