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Megabass Okashira Screwed 3pk

Megabass Okashira Screwed 3pk




Molded after a hand carving by famed lure designed Yuki Ito, the Megabass Okashira Screwhead adds a flash and vibration that will supercharge your swimbait presentation. Equipped with an asymmetrical prop that features one blade longer than the other, the Megabass Okashira Screwhead is finely tuned to generate a unique pulsing presence, which draws in fish from a distance and triggers an aggressive feeding response. The hydrodynamic head design also features lanes that channel water under the chin to provide increased stability at all speeds and ensure your swimbait is always running true.


Perfect for those times when the fish are pressured or targeting small baitfish, the Megabass Okashira Screwhead is armed with a Super Slide hook that delivers superior hook penetration with the slightest pressure, even when using light tackle. To ensure trailers stay securely in place, the Megabass Okashira Screwhead is also fitted with a hand-tied keeper that holds trailers with glue like force. Finished with 3D eyes, molded gill plates, and a custom paint job, the Megabass Okashira Screwhead offers performance that outshines the competition. 

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