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Megabass Megadog-X

Megabass Megadog-X


Miracle bait MEGADOG-X, which drives monsters crazy for feeding, enables strategic feeding games on stages that prey on large baits. The Megabass original research results obtained from a variety of perspectives, including marine fisheries research facilities, are abundantly incorporated into the MEGADOG series on the question, "What is the element that selects the surface bait as a target from the predator?" MEGADOG-X's hidden potential will make big bait games even easier and more exciting. Despite its large size, the pulling resistance is extremely light, and the setting that can produce a sliding action where the bait escapes just by reeling will reduce the burden on the angler. Equipped with two inertia balancer systems that keep an appropriate distance from the action fulcrum and exert centrifugal force to move the weight. Although it is a mega size pencil, it is possible to produce an accurate slide action under any conditions.

Length: 7 inch

Weight: 2.5 oz


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