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Megabass Knuckle LD

Megabass Knuckle LD


The initial offering in the Project Legend LD series, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait was custom-tuned at the hands of Yuki Ito to tackle the toughest fishing conditions. Based off of the wildly successful Megabass Knuckle Squarebill, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait is fitted with an ultra thin circuit board lip, which delivers a high-pitch wobble and a seductive rolling action.

Incredibly effective around pressured fish, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait features an intricate balancer system that is secured from multiple angles to achieve a truly silent approach. Underneath the chin, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait incorporates a swivel to increase the hook-up ratio and keep fish from throwing the hook during the fight. Offered in a variety of detailed colors, the Megabass Knuckle LD Crankbait delivers situation-specific design that is aimed at spooky and highly pressured bass. 

Knuckle LD Crankbait2-1/3"3/8ozFloating 
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