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Heddon Super Spook Jr.

Heddon Super Spook Jr.


The Heddon Super Spook Jr. is a 3 1/2 inch, 1/2 ounce topwater walker designed to a be a downsized version of the Super Spook. On the Spook spectrum, this lure is a bit longer and heavier than the Zara Puppy, but still smaller than the original Zara Spook. It has loud rattles that call for more attention sports the same magic the Zara Spook brings to walk-the-dog action.

Additionally, this bait is rigged with three size 4 Xcalibur Treble Hooks that easily convert every strike into a catch. And thanks to its fish-catching colors with light-reflecting finishes, predators, including toothy and aggressive fish, just cannot not resist its beauty.

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