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Gan Craft Rest 128

Gan Craft Rest 128


REST not only appears as Ayu, action of Ayu swimming has been carefully reproduced.
The body is designed to minimize water resistance, and vibe form and weight balance are also designed to reduce water drag. This creates a light and natural swimming action so that REST appears natural and swims if no line is attached just like real fish.

HAMI dart action.
When Ayu eat their favorite food moss on rocks, they have unique swimming motion that is called HAMI.

REST imitates this HAMI dart action. Retrieve REST along on the bottom, rocks or other structure and hitting the vibe on those structures that create a swimming action like Ayu`s HAMI action.

Depth Range
Maximum swimming depth is 2.5m. You can adjust depth up to 2.5m by rod angle and retrieve speed.

Hook System.
Three hooks are used to increase chance of setting hook.

Magnetic Moving Weight System.
This allows longer casting distance but also a magnet stabilizes moving weight while jerking and reduces noise.

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