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Gambler Popping Frog

Gambler Popping Frog


A true game-changer in the world of topwater popping frogs, the Gambler Popping Frog is crafted with precision to instinctively trigger those giant bass into exploding on the surface. The innovative frog lure is a masterful fusion of weight, noise, flash, and durability, engineered to incite monster strikes. Its hollow body features a built-in rattle chamber, and a perfectly concave mouth, generating enticing sound and splash to attract even the wariest of fish. Designed to seamlessly navigate weeds and structures without snagging, it's adaptable to any body of water, from vast lakes and winding rivers to serene lily-pad covered ponds. Tie on the Gambler Popping Frog and prepare to set the hook on some detonating topwater blowups from massive fish.

Popping Frog2.5"7/16oz
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