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Cortland MasterBraid 300 Yards

Cortland MasterBraid 300 Yards


Cortland Master Braid Fishing Line is the toughest, most durable and best-handling super braid on the market today. Braided from premium gel-spun fibers woven into a tight, round braid for longer casts, less twist and extended life, Master Braid packs evenly on the reel without digging in. With exceptional tensile strength and only 4 percent stretch, Master Braid shines at strike detection and sets hooks instantly. Treated with FiberTech protection that penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual gel-spun fibers to stiffen and improve handling characteristics of the line. With hydrophobic properties to repel water, Master Braid casts effortlessly with either spinning or casting reels, slices through the water with minimal line drag and comes back dry.

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