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Beast Coast Workingmans Swim Jig

Beast Coast Workingmans Swim Jig


ince the launch of our heavy-duty Gorilla Swimjig, customers have often requested a more "northern style" swimjig, and so, the Workingman's Swimjig was born. This swimjig is ideal for smaller grub or double-tail grub style trailers, or any swimbait in the 2.8'' to 4'' range. The largest 3d eyes on any swimjig in the category, along with perfectly trimmed skirts and weedguards make the Workingman's Swimjig a phenomenal tool. The pointed, perfectly keeled head lets you swim this little jig through thick grass and keep it high in the water column. Skirts are wire-tied AND banded. 1/4 Oz and 5/16 Oz sizes.

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