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Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig

Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig


Crafted with the insight of Travis Manson – smallmouth aficionado, fishing guide, and media owner at Smallmouth Crush, the Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig is ready to wreak havoc on pressured clear-water fish. By eliminating the weedguard which is often unnecessary around rock bottoms, flats, and humps with minimal grass and cover, the Open Water Sniper Jig is perfect for chasing big bass with a design that offers improved hook penetration.

Fitted with a sticky sharp 2/0 BKK Black Nickel 90-degree Needlepoint Hook, this compact jig is made from a highly dense tungsten compound and features a lead-free construction that transmits tons of sensitivity while being just soft enough to be pulled free from rocky snags. Equipped with hand-tied short-cut skirts, molded size stamps for easy identification, and a double barbed bait keeper, the Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig delivers tournament-caliber performance perfect for hard-bottom fisheries.

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