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Beast Coast Double-Wide Battle Flip Jig

Beast Coast Double-Wide Battle Flip Jig


No hype required; simply put- this is the best heavy cover flipping jig available for pitching to brush piles, bushes, and laydowns. Designed over several months, the G-Spo Battle Flip is a collaboration between ELITE Series angler Gerald Spohrer & Beast Coast. At the center of the design is our Patent Pending Double Wide Weedguard. The weedguard has an oval shaped base; allowing for wide hook point coverage without requiring the hook to penetrate too many fibers- say goodbye to bulky twin weedguard jigs that still leave gaps for brush and debris to reach the hook point. Optimal head design will navigate gnarly structure. Gamakatsu 5/0 Flippin' hook, recessed line tie, custom colors. MADE IN USA.

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